Our hearts beat faster with every package! Our solutions for logistics management are adapted to your needs and will engage your customers.

Conveying engaging services

Exemplary logistics management

Our custom logistics solutions will engage your customers and free up resources to allow you to fully concentrate on your core business. Whether you are looking for fast growth, short-term scalability or international expansion for your e-commerce business, we have the capacities to consistently meet the high quality and service expectations of your customers.

Fast and uncomplicated

We know how to engage customers and understand the success factors in logistics along the customer journey. We can adapt the logistic processes to exactly fit the wishes of your customers and generate engaging touchpoints for you. For example, quick shipping, same day return processing and individualized packaging. A service experience that matches your needs and the expectations of your customers.

Fast, reliable logistics that dynamically adapts to your plans.

We use our know-how, smart processes, powerful IT and just the right level of technology to support your e-business. That means: our processes are made to fit your needs, not the other way around. Our experts develop logistics and distribution concepts for you that help you turn your growth plans into reality.



Our solutions in detail

Logistics – Solutions for your success



  • Process design and optimization
  • Supplier management
  • Incoming goods
  • Splitting up mixed shipping containers/lots
  • Quality management (e.g., AQL)
  • Various types of storage (pallet racking, shelving, hanging storage, value storage, etc.)
  • Flexible inventory procedures (permanent inventory, cut-off date inventory)
  • Order picking (optional: batches, BBD, serial numbers)
  • Packaging (single-item, multi-item, large items)
  • Procurement of cardboard and other consumables
  • International shipping (incl. express and customs procedures, if applicable)
  • Omni-channel solutions
  • Peak management

Returns management:

  • Goods assessment
  • Goods reprocessing
  • Repackaging
  • Goods handling for B & C
  • Marketing of B goods and remaining stock
  • Processing clarification cases and complaints
  • International returns (incl. customs processing, if applicable)




Value added services (VAS):

  • Set-up
  • Repackaging and new packaging
  • Pricing service/labeling
  • Tunnel finishing
  • Sewing service
  • Repairs and reprocessing
  • (Pre-)Assembly
  • Gift, jewelry and luxury packaging
  • Compiling sets and lots
  • Building displays


  • Carrier concept/management
  • Organization of air, sea and land shipments
  • Connection to international CEP service providers
  • Automatic data transfer to carriers
  • Tracking
  • Import and export customs processing
  • Sprinter transportation



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